Winery & Guest House
Kapellenhof Familie Fischer
Hauptstraße 25 | 3492 Walkersdorf
Phone/Fax +43 2735 360 10


We are happy to welcome you at Kapellenhof – in our vineyards, in our winery and in our wine cellar!

Franz Fischer senior and junior use all their experience, their knack for fermentation, their sensitiveness for procedure and taste and, above all, their passion for grapes to produce deliciously sophisticated white and red wines every year.

The variety of grapes cultivated by the Kapellenhof winery - Grüner Veltliner, Rivaner, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gelber Muskateller, Sankt Laurent and Zweigelt  - is  a deliberate choice as  they are the traditional, native grapes of the wine – growing area “Kamptal”.  When a new vineyard is replanted we strive for the perfect balance between land, climate and grape so we can produce wines of remarkable character. Great winemaking begins in the vineyard.

Ecological balance and sustainability in the winemaking process are of utmost importance for the Kapellenhof winery. Biological diversity of the vineyard ecosystem is encouraged.  Exclusively organic fertilizers are used and intelligently applied green cover between the rows as well as soil cultivation sustain the habitat of the essential natural fauna. The idea is:  What’s good for the ground is good for the grape. Canopy management is done with incredible meticulousness to achieve maximum quality. Only ripe, healthy, excellent grapes are used for the vinification since they are the basis for our subtle, authentic wines.

With a lot of love and enthusiasm for our vocation we vinify our wines with care applying state-of-the-art technology. To retain their aroma, the musts are fermented either in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks or in wood barrels in a perfectly climatised cellar with high humidity.

Every year we look forward to the moment when the balanced mix of climate, soil, grape and expertise reaches its bottled perfection - to be decanted and sampled at great pleasure.

Our aim: The careful handling of resources, respect for the environment and maintenance of the ecological balance. At Kapellenhof traditional approaches are taken wherever they work best. And, when modern techniques benefit the winegrowing process, they are researched, evaluated and integrated into practice, using the magnificence and uniqueness of the regional/local soil and climate … that’s what you can feel when tasting Kapellenhof wines.

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